The paper is an attempt to highlight the anti-competitive situation in the Indian sports broadcasting industry and the need for its regulation. With the background of Star India’s monopolisation of the Cricket broadcast market in India, with a huge market share of over 80%, the paper sets out the current factual situation of Indian sports broadcasting industry. The Authors then explain how competition watchdogs in the European Union and the United States of America faced, tackled, and won over similar problems in the past. Going into the ‘what-if’s, the paper provides insights into the implications of the monopolisation of this industry. Imploring the need for regulation, the Authors analyse the two available methods to ensure an efficient broadcasting market and the one that would apply best to this situation. The paper then points out the problems that the competition regulators in the mature jurisdictions have faced while working to ensure an efficient, robust, and competitive sports broadcasting market, while simultaneously calling for the Competition Commission of India’s (hereinafter “CCI”) pro-active involvement in the industry to ensure better competitiveness and to eliminate any practices causing appreciable adverse effects on competition. The Authors conclude by listing the suggestions, both legislative and regulatory, that might help in ensuring a better sports broadcasting industry for all stakeholders.