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The Editorial Board at RGNUL Financial and Mercantile Law Review (RFMLR) organized a workshop on "Demystifying M&A Transactions: Exploring the Nuances Beyond Theory" on January 15, 2022, with Mr. Pratika Shankar, Managing Associate at Talwar Thakore & Associates (TT&A) as the resource person. Mr. Shankar graduated from RGNUL, Punjab in 2013 with exceptional academic laurels and extra-curricular achievements, and has more than 8 years of experience working with national and multinational corporations in the field of Corporate, M&A and Private Equity.

The workshop was moderated by Ms. Srishti Kaushal, Associate Editor at RFMLR. The workshop  provided a comprehensive insight into Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), which involve complex agreements and require navigation through complicated regulatory challenges. It also delved into the nuances involved in such multifaceted transactions through a discussion on some practical scenarios. 

The session commenced with an introduction to the concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions and then moved on to a discussion into the various steps involved in these transactions such as due diligence and execution of documents. Subsequently, different forms of M&A transactions through share acquisitions, assets/business acquisitions, and corporate restructuring were discussed in detail along with the documentation and considerations involved in each of these. Finally, the session also involved an analysis into a hypothetical practical situation which helped the students to understand the kind of transactions that corporate lawyers deal with on a regular basis. Further, in order to enhance the practical understanding of the participants of the session, they were required to complete an assessment test consisting of various practical scenario based multiple choice questions (MCQs). Throughout the session, Mr. Shankar also addressed the numerous queries raised by the participants. 

Therefore, the workshop provided a unique opportunity to academics, practitioners, and students alike, to gain practical knowledge and learn from the valuable insights provided by Mr. Shankar.

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